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Nelson Packaging’s modern distribution and storage facilities – with 200,000 square feet of warehousing space – offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to: custom unit loads, piece inspection and repack, secondary, and value-added packaging. Our turnkey dock to dock operations save our customers storage costs as freight moves easily from one dock to the next to expedite shipping. With 52 trailer high loading docks and 3 ground level docks allowing for indoor loading and flatbed capability, Nelson Packaging Company can receive and ship product and materials quickly and efficiently.

You can be assured that your products and materials are handled professionally at Nelson. Through our new Welcome Center, our experienced warehouse management team and certified material handlers provide excellent customer service, guiding your project from arrival to departure. Beginning with your dock appointment, your product will be tracked and monitored throughout its process with Nelson. Each unit in your shipment is assigned a unique ID through our SAP inventory control system allowing your product to be traceable 24/7 in real time. From the moment your product arrives until it is either consumed in production or shipped with Nelson, you have the ability to know where your product is at every step in the process. To learn more about our inventory control system, click here.

Our certified material handlers utilize modern, well-maintained material handling equipment enabling us to load, unload and store your product with speed and efficiency. If required, your product can be housed in a temperature controlled environment, a clean room environment, or in our general warehouse. All materials are protected from fire, pests, and theft through our 24-hour safety and security systems.

With Nelson Packaging Company you can be assured of quality. Contact Us today to learn how we can meet your distribution and storage needs.

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