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Inventory Management

Nelson Packaging is committed to maintaining the high standards our customers expect. To that end, our inventory tracking system provides complete trackability on all products produced and all materials used in the manufacturing process.

Customers can know, from the moment their products and materials arrive to the moment they are consumed in production or roll away from the loading dock, where their project is in the process. Materials are scanned as used in production and the finished product is scanned at the line, and at the time the unit load is completed. Customers can rest assured that the right amount of material is available to create the amount of finished product required. This real-time tracking reduces excess inventory, saves time, and keeps customer costs down.

We are also able to easily access the materials in the event of a customer recall to get them out of production quickly and efficiently. With Nelson Packaging you can be confident in the quality of your materials and finished products, the efficiency of our processes, and that your products will be delivered to the marketplace on time.

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