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Labs – Analytical & Micro

Nelson Packaging’s experienced lab team is skilled in performing product analysis and testing on a variety of types of raw materials as well as intermediate and finished product testing. We utilize two testing processes: traditional microbial content test (MCT) and total viable organism (TVO) methodologies.

Currently, our primary testing focuses on household care items: laundry soaps, fabric softeners, laundry additives, and pre-treatment products. We run spot tests, pulling samples from the production lines during the packing cycle, to ensure quality before shipping. Products will not be shipped until they have passed this test.

Our facility maintains an environment that is safe and suitable for making and testing your products. Our water is tested on-site to maintain quality and purity for use in making processes. We conduct environmental air testing to scan for microorganisms and prevent contamination. All raw materials coming into the facility and throughout our processes are tested for microorganisms to maintain quality.

We offer two labs to provide a variety of testing services to meet the needs of our customers.

Analytical Lab

Our analytical lab performs numerous types of analysis and testing using approved validated testing methods by trained lab technicians. Our lab professionals will verify raw material characteristics before acceptance and use applying various methodologies including Gram Staining to identify organisms that may be present. All testing is conducted in a bio safety cabinet (BSC) to ensure quality.

Micro Lab

Our micro lab is housed in a clean room environment and offers Celsis rapid testing with enzyme technology for the detection of microbial contamination in raw materials, in-process materials, and finished goods. This process uses bioluminescence to detect ATP released from the cells of microorganisms and provides results in 24 hours versus the several days turn around required by other methods.

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