Sustainability | Nelson Packaging Company


At Nelson Packaging Company, we support and practice sustainable processes. We strive to help our customers achieve green initiatives and enhance their green strategies through recycling, reusing and reclaiming all their scrapped materials. By recycling their post-industrial waste, our customers benefit from cost savings while protecting the planet.

As a facilities-based recycler, with Nelson there is no need to look elsewhere to manage your waste streams. Whether it is plastics, cardboard or liquids we can handle your post-industrial waste streams.

Plastics & Corrugate – Recycle Your Entire Waste Stream

We handle a variety of plastics, including HDPE, PET, PP, stretch wrap, etc. With Nelson, your entire package –  including bottles, closures, caps, and labels – can be recycled or reduced. Our modern (2008 model) 60hp plastic granulator has a 2,500 pounds per hour throughput, ensuring adequate capacity for your project. Different grade plastics are separated into various streams for resale.

We also bale corrugate for recycling, keeping your entire waste stream out of the landfill.

Liquid Reclaim Capability

When you work with Nelson Packaging you’ll receive the benefit from our experience in safely handling a Fortune 50 company’s materials from cradle to grave. We can safely dump liquid remnants for reuse or reclaim back into your process. Our system can separate your liquid products into various streams allowing for maximum flexibility. Reclaiming your liquid remnants can dramatically improve your bottom line.

Clean and Sanitary Facility

Our dump sinks, product storage tanks, and product lines are stainless steel food grade construction that provides for adequate cleaning and sanitization resulting in a microbially safe environment for your product. We can safely return your liquid material to your facility for reuse into another quality product.

Material Handling Capability

Our process can handle material that arrives in a variety of methods. Whether individual components, material in corrugated cases or Gaylord boxes, packed material in cases on pallets or material in plastic totes, we can handle it all. We currently utilize three van trailers for moving materials through our facility.


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