Customization | Nelson Packaging Company


As a contract manufacturer, we can do more than fill your containers, pack and ship your products, and make or blend product to your specifications. We also offer customization services. Whether you need specialized labeling, inserts, sample sizes, test market/promotional sizes, e-commerce sizes, shipping and/or labeling at Nelson Packaging we can meet your needs to your specifications.


Our experienced team can quickly and efficiently receive your product, downsize the case to your market needs – reducing an eight-unit case of product to four units, for example – then label and ship the new case.



Need special labeling? We can print labels and apply shrink sleeves. Any unused labels are stored in our climate-controlled warehouse for future use to maintain their viability. Need to add special offer coupons to your packaging? Our team can affix your peel-off coupons, place neck hangers, and include sample sizes to your product. 

At Nelson, we have two dedicated lines simply for customization. However, we are able to quickly change our production lines to meet any size container, large or small. We maximize efficiency so that you never have to worry about production delays. With our inventory management system, you will always know where your product is in the process. To learn more about our inventory tracking capabilities, click here.

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