Our Congressman, Jim Jordan was in the house!

Issam Sharon Jim trophy case 2 (3)Ohio’s 4th District Representative to the US Congress visited Nelson packaging this week; took a tour of our sparkling facility and met many of his constituents who are proud members of our team. Issam & Sharon Faza’ shared the Nelson story that includes adding 165,000 square feet of manufacturing space and adding a rail spur that will greatly increase our capability for our customers. Congress is considered the “people’s branch” and Nelson was happy to have our representative visit and commend us for being a good corporate citizen in our community.

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Nelson will fill it right…every bottle.

The structure within which transactions among businesses and with the general public are conducted is called the commercial measurement system. When your product is being packaged at Nelson, you can trust our processes and people to provide you the peace of mind that your product will meet all the weights and measures regulations. Never underestimate the value of dynamic weighing solutions. Our packing line check weighing systems can make a real difference to your bottom line as well! Automatic control of fill levels will sustain the correct fill level of every bottle for maximum profitability and yet ensure that you always provide your customer with quality and fair value.check weigher

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Year End Thoughts

As 2014 quickly comes to an end Nelson Packaging Company would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every associate that comes to work each day to make Nelson the strong contract manufacturing facility that it is.  When Brice M. Nelson founded the company in 1979 he had a vision for a company full of employees that show a dedication to their job by producing the quality of products produced here on a daily basis.  We all know he is smiling down on us from above.

We are thankful for the relationships that we have formed with our partners.  This year Nelson has increased our number of business partners and portfolios due to the superior quality of our products.  We would like to wish all of our employees a very joyous holiday season and may all of your dreams and wishes come true.  We look forward to a successful 2015 and best wishes for a happy and safe holiday.  We Are….Nelson!DSC_0006

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Congratulations Barry Sprague!

The Leadership team of Nelson Packaging Company, Inc. presented the Brice M. Nelson Award to Barry Sprague on November 8, 2014.  This award is given to an employee who exemplifies a high level of expertise in core operations and technologies, makes significant contributions to the success of the company, and contributes greatly to the Core Values of Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork and Excellence in Leadership.  Nelson Packaging Company will donate $500 to the Lima Rescue Mission on Barry’s behalf.

Barry has been a part of Nelson Packaging Company for 18 years and is currently serving as the Leader of Nelson Strategy and Continuous Improvement.  Barry has been a vital part of the company’s growth over the last year and all of the Leadership team is in great debt to him for his hard work and dedication to the company.Barry award

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Microbiological Risk Assessment (MRA)

Quality and Safety for our consumers is Nelson’s top priority. This applies to our entire portfolio, from laundry and home care to automotive and chemical products. We apply internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure quality and safety. GMP covers all aspects of manufacturing, including standard operating procedures, people management and training, equipment maintenance, and handling of materials. Then we continually audit our systems to ensure full compliance. Our recent annual MRA that was successfully completed with one of our customer’s own microbiologist is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to producing a quality product. There were zero critical issues found and we will address all audit findings to drive continuous improvement in the four components of human, method, equipment/processes, and materials. This is the type of meticulous attention to detail that you can expect when you partner with Nelson Packaging Co..


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We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.- Winston Churchill

We recently broke ground on our campus to add 90,000 square feet of additional warehouse space to better serve our growing customer base. The additional space signals more than a growth spurt. We believe it’s a sign of our company’s maturity, vision and commitment, not to mention the positive results of a truly dedicated workforce. We are thrilled to build, knowing that Churchill was correct in stating how our buildings shape who we are and what we do. We know that our new shape will enable us to become an even more profitable supply chain partner for our customers.Construction 2

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Nelson Packaging Co. Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Recertification

ISO_logo_2 (2)ISONelson Packaging Co. has demonstrated our unwavering commitment to quality by achieving our ISO 9001:2008 rectification Our history as a leading contract manufacturer in the liquid formulation and packaging world was founded on providing consistently superior quality to our customers. Our growth into granular packaging as well as moving into the automotive consumer packaged goods market has been fueled by a relentless drive to continually improve our quality systems. This prestigious recertification clearly displays that we have successfully applied state of the art manufacturing standards and processes for the benefit of our business partners. We applaud the outstanding effort of our entire team to achieve this lofty standard.  Be assured that when partnering with Nelson Packaging Co., you are working with the best.

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New Technology created at Nelson Packaging Co.

Have you ever ordered a chicken sandwich at a restaurant; only to find a hamburger packed in your bag instead? Our Quality Department has worked very hard with our Technical Services Experts to drive out this kind of mis-pack, mis-label and mis-code (3M) mistakes on our packing lines. We employ a combination of manual checks in conjunction with increasingly automated solutions. Our most recent automated solution enables us to provide our customer with best-in-class 3M protection. We have developed a 2D circular footprint readable camera system. This system can even handle 2D codes that are either square or rectangular in shape so that it is capable to read codes on shrink sleeves both pre and post shrink. Our team was able to redefine and elevate the global 3M standard while minimizing changeover time and resources needed on-line; thus providing increased quality results and value to our customer.


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Things are DEFinitely looking good at Nelson Packaging Co.!

Nelson is pleased to announce a new partnership with two category leading products.  In addition to producing the Victory Blue brand of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Nelson will now be packaging for Valvoline Premium Blue DEF as well as Kubota Brand DEF.  This product for diesel engines reduces Nitric Oxides (NOx) that are emitted into the air as diesel fuel burns.  Nelson will continue to produce these fluids under the ISO 22241 Standards in accordance to the EPA.  Nelson Packaging will be producing these in the 2.5 gallon container as well as 55 gallon drums and 330 gallon totes.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation…

internssmallIt’s been a rapid paced eleven weeks since our energetic engineering interns showed up from the University of Delaware.  Justin Kolwyck and Sihan Liu were relatively new to the contract manufacturing world but they were eager to learn and quickly acclimated to the fast paced customer focused environment. They were involved in focused improvement work on packaging lines that included cappers and shrink sleeving equipment. Not only did their attention to detail result in improved 5S compliance but they developed job aids that reduced changeover times and improved operating efficiency.  As well as seeing their work ethic shine, we learned that these guys were great at water skiing, walleye fishing, playing basketball and doing quality assurance work on incoming materials. Everyone at Nelson will miss their can-do attitude and we know that they will do well in their careers; as they will bring great character and technical competence to any company that they join.  Good luck to Justin and Sihan as they move on to the next chapters as students as well as future professionals.



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