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Nelson Five Areas of Expertise


Our Systems

Whether you are seeking to rapidly satisfy increases in demand for a hot selling product or wish to economically outsource the manufacture of a new formulation, Nelson Packaging Company has your solution. Nelson is a full turnkey blending and filling operation housing a comprehensive lineup of superior equipment resources.

Whether liquid or powder products, Nelson provides effective blending and filling systems which include: 100% accuracy on formulations, having the right equipment operating under optimum conditions and exercising tight quality management practices. Our manufacturing process is managed on an automated computer controlled system. The blending tanks are mounted on load cells and have flow meters to manage the addition of the raw materials. Our process is well defined to produce the best quality products.

Our Equipment

We have liquid making/blending systems including batch mixers and continuous process systems. Raw materials are monitored to account for traceability, and stored in temperature controlled tanks under N2 blanketing. We have two sanitary design mixers, 18,000L and a jacketed 9,000L which are housed in a clean room environment. We have several small mix tanks for pilot and development batches. Additionally, we have three 18,000L agitated cold mix tanks available to blend non-micro susceptible products.  Supporting these systems, our tank farms include over 20 storage tanks for raw materials and finished products.

Our Experience

The Nelson making team has 30 years of making experience including partnership with a Fortune 50 company to deliver new products to the market. Our engineering department offers services to our customers including chemical process engineering and design. We have experience in making bulk product from raw materials or we can finish your base product with minor additions.

The Nelson Packaging lab has 20 years of experience performing product analysis on various types of Raw Material, Intermediate and Finished Product testing.  Our primary testing is of household care items: laundry soaps, fabric softeners, laundry additives and pre-treatments.  Nelson’s experience and equipment allow us to offer a large variety of testing as our customers needs would require.

Currently, the Nelson Packaging lab performs numerous types of analysis and testing.  Using approved validated testing methods, our lab will verify raw materials characteristics prior to acceptance and use.  They also monitor in-process material to improve our opportunities to make acceptable finished product.  The finished product is on a continuous testing program and only released after lab verification.  Our lab technicians are thoroughly trained and approved with a documented and proven training process. Our team is ready and capable of handling your product testing requirements.

Filling Bottles form Small to Large

At Nelson, we fill a wide variety of package sizes.  Our filling experience includes 150ml containers to 5 gallon pails; from 300 gallon totes to 5000 gallon tanker trucks. We can fill your pre-decorated bottles or label your containers with PS labels or steam tunnel shrink sleeves. Our experience includes applying add-ons to containers.

Standard or Custom Palletizing

At Nelson, we can palletize your finished products in any fashion you need.  If you need more than one of your products palletized together, we can customize pallets according to your process. We can add the eye catching artwork to your display so that it can be end-aisle-display ready for your customer.

Scalable Production

At Nelson, we can produce your products according to your forecast in any bucket size you need: weekly, monthly or JIT.  We have experience with new product launches requiring small Test Market quantities, then increasing production to meet your National Sales Production needs. Nothing is too big or too small.

Material Ordering

At Nelson, we can work directly with your supply chain for all or part of your material needs.  We have a good working relationship with a local national tanker truck line as well as contacts with many box truck lines.  We are within 3 miles of a drop lot that has many of the leading national carriers.  Once your material is here, we have our QA system set up to ensure that what we receive is what you want.

Modern Facilities

Nelson Packaging’s modern distribution and storage facilities are second to none!  Your product is stored in a clean, well lit environment with 20’ of floor to ceiling space. Twenty trailer-high loading docks guarantee a quick turn-around.  Our ground level drive-in door provides for indoor loading and unloading capability for flatbed trailers.

Account Management

The warehouse is managed by personnel with 30 years of experience in warehousing and customer service. Reporting is customized to suit your needs with our state of the art inventory control systems while offering  24/7 access to your inventory. No job is too big or too small for our crew of trained, certified material handlers.

Unique Services

Nelson Packaging offers a wide range of services including custom unit loads, piece inspection and repack, as well as secondary and Value Added packaging. You’ll save storage costs using our Dock to Dock Freight Transfer service.  Freight moves easily from one dock to the next in order to expedite your partial shipments.

Careful Handling

Our certified team utilizes modern, well maintained material handling equipment, in order to fit your needs.  This enables us to load, unload and store your product with speed and efficiency. Your product is protected from fire by a sprinkler system equipped with ESFR heads and from unwanted “guests” by our certified Pest Control Program.  Our 24 hour Security Surveillance System offers superior theft protection.

Enhance your Green Capabilities

Our recycling capabilities enhance your in-house Green Strategies through recycling & reusing all of your scrapped materials. You benefit from the cost savings while protecting the planet. Our modern (2008 model) 60hp plastic granulator has a 2,500 pounds per hour throughput ensuring adequate capability for your project.

Recycle Your Entire Waste Stream

We handle a variety of plastics, including HDPE, PET, PP, stretch wrap, etc. so that your entire package including bottles, closures, caps and labels can be recycled or reduced. We also have the capability to bale wet or dry corrugate for recycling as well, keeping your entire waste stream out of the landfill.

Material Handling Capability

Our process can handle material that arrives in a variety of methods. We can handle individual components, material in corrugate cases or gaylords, packed material in cases on pallets or material in plastic totes. We currently utilize five van trailers and eighteen tanker trucks for moving materials through our facility.

Liquid Reclaim Capability

When you work with Nelson Packaging you’ll receive the benefit from our experience safely handling a Fortune 50 company’s materials from cradle to grave. We can safely dump liquid remnants for reuse or reclaim back into your process. Our system can separate your liquid products into various streams allowing for maximum flexibility. Reclaiming your liquid remnants can dramatically improve your bottom line.

Clean and Sanitary Facility

Our twelve dump sinks, eight product storage tanks, and product lines are stainless steel construction that provides for adequate cleaning and sanitization resulting in a microbially safe environment for your product. We can safely return your liquid material to your facility for reuse into another quality product.


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